RIP Microsoft Paint

I got my first computer when I was 15. My parents were strapped for cash but felt I should have a PC for school work and they were right, I used it for school work. And pissing about out Microsoft Paint and Publisher!

It’s anathema to me now; a graphic designer using Microsoft Paint… disgusting! It brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Much like how I feel when I see Comic Sans being used in a serious context.

But here’s the thing; Microsoft Paint was one of the first tools I used to design. It intrigued me that I could create digital drawings. It was at the age of 15 that I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer and I put that down to the fact my parents bought me a PC.

I didn’t really understand what graphic design was, really. I chose it as a GCSE option, but my teacher was distinctly a bit shite and if we even mentioned using a computer he simply scoffed. I didn’t use a Mac until I did my work experience! Anyway, I digress…

When I read that Microsoft Paint was being killed off I had mixed feelings, but mostly it made me a bit sad and nostalgic. For many designers (dare they ever admit it) Paint was where their fledgeling careers began; that first foray into creating on a computer.

Sadly I don’t have any examples of my ‘creative artwork’ using Microsoft Paint, unlike Rebecca Jeffery from Fi & Becs Design and Marketing who has a whole host of things she’s done over the years… take a look here; I marvel at her skill, I really do…

I do however have an old Valentines card I created for my now husband when we were at school; it was in Microsoft Publisher I do believe! Ahhh memories…

And that’s what I’ll have; fond memories of MS Paint – bon voyage old friend!

Love, Rebecca