10 Tips for More Motivation – Guest Blog

We all know how hard it can be to get the jobs done that we really need to do but have zero motivation for! Here, in a guest blog, Mary Richards from Motivated Women gives us 10 tips for motivation whether in business or in life.

1. Define your purpose.
Find your MUST. Don’t do things because you ‘should’.
Create a ‘why’ that is SO powerful and compelling that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. When you ‘must’.. you DO.

2. Have a passion for what you do
People only do their best at things they really enjoy doing.
If you are passionate, you are motivated. If you are motivated, then you are passionate!


3. Identify Your Rocket Fuel
Books, magazines, music – what’s your rocket fuel? e.g iPod/phone load it with all your favourite upbeat songs and play when needed. Don’t watch the news before bed – it’s depressing and demotivating

4. Reward yourself for achieving
Whether you have just lost 2lb or run a marathon, reward yourself APPROPRIATLEY

5. Long term thinking – Always keep the future in mind. What you do now will determine success or failure

6 Balance your life.
If your life isn’t balanced you will start to feel stressed about those areas you are neglecting (partner, children, work etc). The happier you are with other aspects of your life the more motivated you’ll be with ALL aspects

7. Challenges are only motivational if the odds permit you to win sometimes.
Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. If you do you, 1. you won’t even feel like attempting it and 2. you’ll get demotivated because you can’t achieve it

8. Make your challenges enjoyable and stimulating.
Eg. If getting fit is a goal but you hate the gym – try walking

9. Mix with likeminded people with similar goals and passions.
You’ll be able to talk about your goals and get motivated by others

10. Use the rhythm of your own energy cycles to your advantage.
We all have our ‘down’ time during the day. For some it’s the mornings, others just after lunch. These are not good times to do important stuff as your energy levels are down. If you can change your day around, you can do your best work when your energy levels are at their highest.


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