Hello! I’m Rebecca.

I’m a brand designer, and more…

As a professional graphic designer, I have the know-how and experience to help with most design projects! But brand design is where I focus most of my time these days.

Before starting my own business, I worked in design and marketing for over fourteen years. I’ve worked in a variety of roles, from starting out in the early days at a printers (I know all about what’s involved in setting up print and finishing techniques) to working as a designer in a web agency. For a large part of my career, I was the lead for design, packaging and social media at a global stationery brand – and while I was there, I won two business awards for social media campaigns I’d led – I was so chuffed!

As well as all that experience, I have a degree in Multimedia Design & Digital Animation (specialising in web design), an HND in Graphic Design and a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (from the Chartered Institute of Marketing).

Phew. It feels good to have got those credentials out of the way.

Based in glorious Cumbria, I enjoy a slower pace of life.

Since becoming a mum, I’ve learnt the joys of a slower pace of life. I definitely still work hard, but I also stop to enjoy the good things (like tea, Netflix, naps and chocolate).

Most importantly, that slower pace means I can work flexibly. I’m a super-proud mum to Lizzy and wife to Chris, who lectures in Forestry at the University of Cumbria. And as a family, we love nothing more than leaving our screens behind and getting outside in the fresh air for a walk in the Lake District. I count myself very lucky!

I’m not a design studio or a brand agency.

I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not! But having said that, I don’t always work alone. I have a fabulous team of associates in my corner, including illustrators and copywriters who help me when projects call for their expertise. I also have a small team (of two!) who help me with website design projects.

  • Chris is a super-whizz when it comes to websites. His attention to detail and website development knowledge really is second to none. When he’s not immersed in coding, Chris loves martial arts, lifting weights and drinking coffee (although thankfully not all at once…).
  • Sean has an absolutely VAST knowledge of all things WordPress and has worked with me on projects for over four years now. As well as WordPress, Sean loves rock-climbing, hiking and reliving his youth playing guitar!