Do you feel unhappy with your logo, colour choices and visuals you have for your brand? I help so many people develop their visual brand and the first thing we do is look at where they are now and where they want to be with their business.

This is where my Brand Audit comes in.

In the Brand Audit:

  • I will assess where you are now. We’ll have a chat over the phone, on Skype or Zoom so I can find out all about your business so I can prepare the audit.
  • Next, I’ll research your industry, including your competitors so we can discover what is UNIQUE about your brand.
  • Lastly, I will carefully prepare a report covering your current branding, and make recommendations of how I think your brand should be positioned.

All of this, for an investment of only £299

Does this sound good? If so, book a call with me and we can get you on the right path with your brand!

“I was highly impressed by Rebecca’s service. From start to finish, communication was exceptional and very well executed and she was very approachable. She listened and understand what I wanted to get across in my brand and her recommendations have allowed me to make the necessary changes to my logo, brand and website myself.”