Design services

I specialise in brand design

From logos and brand identities, to the ways they’re rolled out across print, digital and more, I love the way brand design transforms a business.

But that’s not all I do

I have a really diverse design background so I’m happy to take on other design projects, too. I create brochures, social media assets and websites. I design annual reports, print materials and packaging. If in doubt, ask!

My design services include:

  • Brand identity
  • Print design
  • Packaging
  • Digital and social media design
  • Website design
  • Brand audit

Take a look at my past work

“I’m overjoyed with the results and Rebecca was a joy to work with! She took the time to get to know me and what I was all about. She is one talented lady and worth every penny!”

What to expect when you work with me:

Whether I’m designing you a fab new brand identity, eye-catching packaging for your latest products or a shiny new website, I usually follow a similar process…

A cuppa and a chat

Online or in person, let’s grab a cuppa (Yorkshire tea for me, naturally) and have a chat so I can get to know your business. Depending on your project, I might send you a questionnaire beforehand so you can come prepared. And after our chat, I’ll summarise everything into a design brief for you to look through.

Time to research

Every business is unique, and the secret to making sure your brand design stands out is research. I’ll research everything from your competitors to potential colour palettes and more. This is a MASSIVELY important stage, setting the foundations for the rest of your design project.

Ideas, ideas, ideas…

I’ll use the design brief and research to draw up some initial ideas and guide you through the reasoning behind each one. I’m a firm fan of symbolism in design – I never design just for design’s sake or settle on what’s fashionable (unless there’s good reason for it)!

Feedback is everything

Talking through the options I sent you is crucial. It always works best if you can find time to compile your feedback before we talk, and run the initial designs past someone in your target market. At this stage, we’ll usually pick one or two ideas to develop and tweak before we reach a final design. This stage can take a bit of to-ing and fro-ing but it’s important that I get this completely right for you!

Extra steps for brand identity projects

For a brand identity project, we’ll focus on your logo first, then I’ll move on to your brand guidelines. These tell everyone who works with your brand (including you!) exactly how to use your brand elements, including how to use your logo as well as colour and font recommendations. I’ll even recommend the style of photo you might consider commissioning.

Then, depending on the brand identity package you picked, I’ll apply your new brand to your added extras (like business cards, leaflets, social media graphics or website). We can decide on these details when you’re ready, as I like to tailor this to your individual needs as much as I can.


Delivery delivery!

I’ll send over all of your design files (and your brand guidelines and website if they were part of the project) and you’re ready to go! 

“I’ve never worked with someone so perfectly organised and uncomplicated before. You name it, she does it, or suggests solutions at lightspeed.”


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