How and Why I Started My Business

I got a message today that made me sad. But then extremely proud.

I was going about my business when a message pinged into my Facebook business page. It was from a young Mum who was desperate to make a new life for her and her little girl. She’d seen me in a business group and wanted to ask me how I managed to start my own business and how I managed to get clients.

I must admit, it made me well up a little. I know how desperately I wanted to succeed when just starting out. There’s so much pressure on Mums to be ‘Mumpreneurs’ or to dash back to work, fitting right back into the office environment and their size 10 trousers. Crazy, right?

Me 34 weeks pregnant

Talk about a beach ball baby bump!

I worked in a busy marketing department for 8 years prior to having my daughter. I loved my job. I designed packaging, adverts and everything in between and I was rarely bored. But it was also quite stressful. When my baby arrived in June 2014 I felt a big shift in how I felt about work. I suffered from postnatal anxiety and when I discovered I wasn’t able to return to work part time, I decided to leave.

I found a part time admin job for a local church group and got to work on my own business in my spare time. It took perhaps a year to feel confident enough to leave the admin job and work full time on my business.

I created a website in Wix (yes, I know how disastrous Wix is!) and my branding but to be honest, I didn’t really follow my own advice and created something a little generic, let’s say!

What changed for me was when I took a masterclass with coach Gemma Stow. She taught me how to niche my business and pivot everything towards my ideal customer. I changed my logo, visual branding, EVERYTHING! I also had some professional photos taken and developed a new website. It was honestly a game changer. Once I invested in my business brand AND worked more ON my business instead of IN it, I really started to get more clients. Not just more clients, but the clients I actually enjoyed working with.

Professional Brand Photography

Finally hired a proper photographer for my business

The moral of the story is never give up. You always make mistakes but eventually you do learn from them and grow. I learned to invest in my business more and take steps to create a brand that reflected me and was attractive to my ideal client. 

Do you know who your ideal client is? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! P.S. There’s no wrong answer!

Love, Rebecca x