How To Be Kind in Business

It’s almost ingrained in us to be ballsy in business. I honestly think it’s frowned upon to show compassion if you’re in a corporate environment, but this has to stop. With mental health awareness being much more talked about, it’s imperative to be kind not only in home life but also in business.

Kindness not only feels good to your customers but it also feels good to you. It only takes a minute to be nice to someone and you never know who might be listening.

I’ve written a list of ways we can practice kindness in business; even injecting just a couple of these will help you conduct business in a more holistic way.

Be kind to yourself. Kindness starts with you, so talk to yourself more kindly and make sure you look after your own welfare.

Try and treat everyone you meet with kindness – whether that be the person who delivers your post to your clients. I often have a good chinwag with my post lady and due to that she’s often more patient when I’m trying to get to the door when on the phone with a client.

Be kind even if someone isn’t showing you the same courtesy. It’s so tempting to be grumpy with someone who’s been rude to you. We often take it personally, but more often than not, someone is being unkind because of reasons we cannot see. Maybe they’ve had an argument with a partner or are having a hard time. Kindness costs nothing, and showing them how it’s done can make them feel better.

Being kind can bring some unexpected benefits in business; you might make a friend. I read an article that said friendship in business can improve our wellbeing but also our productivity. When we feel connected to clients and colleagues we’re more willing to do a good job.

Be kind to competitors. This is often a point of contention for many. But, hear me out. I believe wholeheartedly in being friendly with people in the same field as you. My good friend Sarah from One Owl Please has been a massive source of support for me in my business. Even though we work in the same field, we support each other and share our experiences to improve both our work and personal lives.

I could go on about it all day, but these are a good start for injecting a bit of kindness into your business today.