How to Plan a Brand Photoshoot

You can come out from behind the sofa!

Few of us happily run toward the camera with open arms and a ready smile (including me) but if we want to make a splash in the business world we have to be lens-ready!

A brand is much more than a logo. It’s how the world perceives you, your product, your unique narrative. Your brand elevates you above the rest.

Did you know photos are processed 60,000 times quicker than text? With that in mind we need to think carefully and creatively about the message we want to send to readers and prospective customers.

Be assured, with some direction there’s nothing to worry about so read on for a simple guide to making the most of your branding photoshoot.


  • Have an idea of how you’re going to use your photos: on your website; in promotional materials and brochures etc. A branding photoshoot is a big step and you don’t want a costly set of photos you can’t do anything with
  • Use a photographer you trust and ideally one you have used before (or one that has come highly recommended). They need to know what you want to get out of the session before the big day so a constructive chat or two is useful to agree on the shoot location, the mood you want to set, the types of shots you need. Plus, you’ll both be super relaxed with each other which will shine through on the day.
  • Putting together a mood board is a fantastic way to work through the look you want to achieve. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Consider your wardrobe (as if you wouldn’t!). Coordinating outfits with your brand colour scheme is a clever way to pull everything together.
  • Have clean, pressed clothes hanging, ready and waiting. And a friendly reminder that you’ll also want to be freshly washed, glowing and ready for business!
  • Finally, get a good night’s sleep.

The Big Day 

  • Props! If you’re shooting at home, consider props that will evoke cosiness as well as efficiency. Think potted plants, plump cushions and the odd pop of colour in amongst the props that ‘get the work done’ like your office desk, laptop…and a coffee!
  • Strike a pose…or three! Before you start to Vogue, think about what you and your brand represent, the values you possess and the message you want to convey. Do you go formal or relaxed, or a mix? Can you look approachable yet commanding and in charge? This is where you and your photographer can have fun and experiment!
  • This is an important one. Enjoy yourself!! Keep things lighthearted and it will pay off in spades.

Finally, folks, I’d reiterate the importance of planning. Having a clear brief will not only save you time and money but result in a fantastic photoshoot that fully represents your brand.

My own experience was a dream, thanks to my photographer, Joshua Wyborn. His easy-going manner and professionalism (plus his ability to make me laugh at just the right time) made it an enjoyable and productive experience!