It’s Your Time to Shine

 A shout out to hard-working businesswomen!

Did you know that spell checker does not recognise the word ‘businesswomen’? I’m serious. How disappointing is that?

It’s time to hold our heads up high and be proud to shout about our many achievements! Or at least have a spirited conversation about it.

Despite the great strides made by women in business there’s still some way to go until we are considered as seriously (and paid as much!) as our fabulous male counterparts. Men still hold the majority of senior positions and directorships in the corporate world and there are many and varied reasons behind this but that’s a whole other blog post!

The wonderful news is that more women than ever are establishing their own companies; loving the flexibility and autonomy that ‘going it alone’ offers. Because as you know, women are jugglers and plate spinners and these are excellent skills to possess (and not just for the circus!).

The message I want, indeed need, to put across is that women have a voice and they should use it!

Think of all the roles you play in everyday life (let’s go back to juggling and plate spinning), and consider your personal journey, the experiences that have moulded you and shaped your values. Staying true to yourself will allow you to develop your own distinct leadership style. It’s time to ditch the ‘imposter syndrome’ and let your story speak for itself.

Why do some of us feel like we’re not ‘real’ entrepreneurs? We feel out of place at networking events, determined not to be noticed. Maybe happy to leave a few business cards with no real idea of who we want to target. A little push and some added focus is all that’s needed. That extra bit of courage to hit the marketplace with our shoulders back, bearing a confident smile, and ready to do business!

The ancient Greeks were a clever lot. Nope, this isn’t a weird segue.

‘Know thyself, ladies!’ said Socrates (or something to that effect). And he was right. Knowing what we stand for is the first step to gaining the confidence to raise our heads above the business parapet.

Additionally, we’ll exude real confidence if we can be comfortable just being ourselves. Say what you need to say and wear what you want to wear (bearing in mind your brand colours of course!). Perfection is unnecessary!

So, put yourself first and get to grips with your brand. Establishing a unique and comfortable image will build credibility and radiate authenticity. Be sincere and people will buy into not only your brand, but you as a person. Most importantly you’ll feel like you!

Get in touch and we can chat about I can help coach you through the branding process. We’ll explore your target market, your core values and how you want to present yourself to the world. And we’ll take it one step at a time.