Keeping Your Brand Consistent on Social Media

There’s many reasons why being consistent with your branding on social media is important. It looks more professional, it builds trust, you become more recognisable and it actually saves you time! Once you have some templates in place you can easily add new quotes, content etc to graphics in order to re-use them.

So, you have your new logo, colour scheme etc and you’re ready to roll out some new visuals on social media… but WAIT! First, read my tips for consistency…

Consistency is key!

Your designer will be able to help with colour schemes and font choices so make sure you use them on your social media graphics. If you decide to make a move away from your original branding then just make sure you’re using a similar style throughout all of your social media – this makes sure that clients and customers recognise your content immediately and are sure to tune in! Make sure your cover imagery, profile image and any photos that accompany posts are all in line with your brand.

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Use a designer.

This might sound fairly obvious but many of my clients just feel too overwhelmed to tackle their own social media graphics; I totally get that. Us designers are so used to creating graphics that it’s second nature to us – and we can always guarantee to get the content consistent for you.

Do it yourself!

I am always harping on about the benefits of Canva and the like. It’s a simple app which allows you to create your own social media graphics – but be aware that you are constrained by Canva’s own fonts and may not be able to use the ones that were in your brand guidelines.

A word on sizing.

We all know that there’s optimum sizes for social media channels. And they seem to change every day! Make sure that the size of the graphics you are producing matches where it’s going. You can find up to date social media sizes on Google – I’d add a link here but it’ll probably change again next week…

Set your tone of voice.

Your brand is not only visually what you out across, it’s also how you talk and write. For example, my brand is bright, colourful and dynamic so I prefer a light and bouncy type of communication. Obviously, it depends on the subject, but you catch my drift.

A note on usernames.

So, I have a bit of a mix of usernames on my social media; I won’t go into why but I’d recommend sticking to a similar username for all accounts i.e. @RWDesign and would work well for my business. It helps people find you for a start!

Designate a brand guardian!

If you have a larger business then appointing someone to monitor the visuals, content etc for your social media can be a great way to keep everything consistent but without too much stress on your part. Between a few chosen individuals it can really help that everyone plays a part in branding on social media.

I’m sure there’s a million and one other tips which I’ve missed, but this is a great starting point if you really want to get on top of brand consistency on your social channels.

Speak soon,

Rebecca x