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Are you ready to banish imposter syndrome, attract some amazing clients and create an incredible brand?

Do you want to be consistent with your branding? Are you a female businesses owner who wants to have the inner confidence to put your business out there?

Starting 20th March 2023

Let’s get you from confused to clear on your brand, with all the support you need from me in this FREE 5 day experience.

Becoming Magnetic is all about attracting the clients and customers you love, in an easy step by step way.

Are you ready to feel more confidence and Become Magnetic?

Together, we’ll inject some excitement into your business and begin the journey to creating a brand that you are proud of.

I’m ready – are you? Sign up to the challenge email list and I’ll let you in very soon.

What you'll take away after 5 days

  • You'll know EXACTLY who you are as a business
  • You'll learn EXACTLY who your ideal customers are
  • You'll DISCOVER how to market to them through the power of visual branding
  • You'll have FUN in my community of business women
  • You'll be more CONFIDENT and clear about your business
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That's what she said

I’ve learnt so much so far, just by listening to others and guest speakers and of course, my one to one with Rebecca. I have actually gained tangible ideas that I can put into practice, rather than just theoretical.

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So, what EXACTLY is happening each day in the challenge? Here’s a breakdown of the steps we’ll take to Become Magnetic

Task 1


This is where we’ll discover all of the juicy bits about who you are as a business. The why, if you will! This is important – as people buy from people, and we need to know who we are in order to sell ourselves and have a solid foundation

Task 2


This is where we delve into the persona of your target market – who they are, what they like, and where they hang out, so that we can make your brand positively MAGNETIC to them and completely irresistible.

Task 3


This is where we learn a little about choosing colours, fonts and icons for your business which will form the basis of your visual brand. This is what people will SEE and become attracted to.

Task 4


This is where you’ll put all of the things you learned in task 3 together in a beautiful brand board. There’ll be a little template for this, don’t worry!

Task 5


This is where we take a look at which logo style would suit you best.

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Meet Rebecca

So, what do I know about branding? Well, I have run my own design studio for 9 years and in a previous life I helped to manage a global brand. I have hundreds of wonderful design clients under my belt, and branding is my absolute LOVE. I am so passionate about brand consistency and I know it’s something that my clients worry about. Once they’ve got their logo, colour scheme and brand guides created by me there’s often a bit of worry when it comes to actually launching and growing their brand. And I completely understand; without a plan in place it can be super daunting.

In my time as a designer, I’ve created countless social media graphics, email newsletters, websites and more. I’ve won 2 business awards for Social Media in my role with Derwent Pencils and I have a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Digital Marketing too. My degree is in Web Design and I’ve partnered with many web agencies to create stunning websites and web graphics.