My Year in Review 2019

I like to look back each year and celebrate the projects I’ve worked on and to showcase some of the businesses I’ve helped with their branding. I have only picked a few projects as there’s been so many – but these are some of my favourites!

First up in 2019 was Cumbria Ballet. Rachel got in touch as she was wanting a fresh look for the dance school and the logo I created is now being used in everything from signage to lush water bottles for all the students. Rachel said: “From a business point of view Rebecca gave me complete confidence that things would be done quickly and completed on time. Her communication has been exemplary at every step of the process. From a design point of view I can’t believe Rebecca understood so clearly what I was looking for and needed in a new logo. I have had such lovely comments about how clear and professional my new logo is and I still smile each time I see it!”

The Crown and Thistle is next up in my year of review. I absolutely loved working with this gorgeous pub in Rockcliffe to create a logo, colour scheme, patterns plus business cards, gift vouchers and social media graphics. Both Jo and Richard are so pleased with the result and are proudly showcasing the branding within the pub which is absolutely beautiful inside and out.

Annie Hackwell is a talented Pilates instructor in Cumbria and needed a logo which encompassed her unique style of teaching and personality. I used the A from her name and created a balanced monogram which can be used on anything from business cards to sweaters. Annie now has a logo which she can feel confident about which will help her sell herself as a top class Pilates instructor.

Finally, I’d like to show off Inspire West Cumbria’s new look. I am a member of Inspire and they wanted to relaunch their branding to appeal to both men and women, plus they wanted to show their inclusive and professional side. I created a logo and colour palette that is business-like but also friendly!

I want to thank each and every client for entrusting me with their branding and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!