Deirdre Owen


Brand Design

As a renowned homeopath with a distinguished reputation, Deirdre was ready to elevate her business to the next level. Despite her prominence as a recognised homeopathic practitioner, Deirdre didn’t have a clear brand identity and reached out to me for help reinforcing her brand to new and existing clients.

Drawing from her warm personality and dedication to healing, I designed the main and secondary logos using a calm, earthy palette and created an exclusive daisy illustration that projected Deirdre’s unique blend of knowledge and compassion.

Additional Logos 1
SecondaryLogo Web
CMYK: 0,29,83,64
RGB: 93,66,16
HEX: #5d4210
CMYK: 0,16,50,23
RGB: 197,165,98
HEX: #c5a562
CMYK: 0,44,87,18
RGB: 209,117,28
HEX: #d1751c
CMYK: 0,16,32,45
RGB: 139,117,94
HEX: #8b755e
CMYK: 16,0,62,65
RGB: 75,89,34
HEX: #4b5922
CMYK: 0,6,19,12
RGB: 224,211,182
HEX: #e0d3b6
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That's what she said

"You really heard who I am and what my business is and represented that in my brand and it’s personal as well with the daisy."

Deirdre Owen, Homeopath

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