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Brand design

Based in the Lake District, Ellen is a passionate freelance copywriter who works her creative magic for clients all over the world.

When Ellen first approached me she operated under the company name Songbird Copywriting, a brand she no longer felt accurately represented her and the direction she wanted her business to take.

This was the ideal starting point for me to jump in and help her create an exceptional brand that truly resonated with her business values and ethos.

Brand creation is a collaborative process. Like with most new clients, Ellen knew how she wanted tofeel about her branding but didn’t have the skills to translate her business message into an effective brand that would instill confidence and enthusiasm in potential new clients.

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That's what she said

"Working with Rebecca is everything I could have hoped for and more!When I approached her to rebrand my business, she immediately put me at ease, taking the time to get to know my business inside out and who my audience is. I wanted something that made me look professional and reflected my personality; I knew what message I was trying to get across but not how to present it visually. Though my ideas were pretty vague, she had the creative expertise to nail it down, selecting the appropriate colours, fonts and images that captured my business perfectly.Sometimes it's the little details that count, and these personal touches are what I think makes Rebecca stand out as a designer. I especially appreciated her sending me a video where she talked me through each design and her thought process behind them. All of the design options were different enough to feel like I had a good choice, though I fell in love with the final design as soon as I saw it! She just 'got' it.Since my rebrand, I have had a noticeable increase in clients, and I feel that has been reinforced by the new professional branding that Rebecca has created for me. I always feel excited when I see my logo appear in the real world!Above all, Rebecca is a total pleasure to deal with. She is friendly, kind and conscientious about the businesses she works with; it's obvious that helping small businesses is her passion. Although there was no tight deadline for my project, she turned it around in just a few days which was appreciated.I 100% recommend Rebecca to anybody looking for a brand designer - I can't wait to work with her again. Thank you, Rebecca!"

Ellen Cammack, Copywriter

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