Home Equals Happy

Brand Identity for this Happy Homewares Business

Brand Identity

Rachel from Home Equals Happy had an existing brand, but felt it needed a new lease of life with a new direction. Curating the most beautiful homewares, Rachel has created an online shop which helps you create your ‘happy’.

I utilised a Scandi style, as Rachel often sources modern pieces for the shop, with a fun and happy look. The palette is joyous and modern with sunshine yellow and soft brights.


Homeequalshappy Logo Full Colour Rgb 2000px@72ppi
CMYK: 0,18,58,5
RGB: 243,199,102
HEX: #f3c766
CMYK: 0,0,0,47
RGB: 135,135,135
HEX: #878787
CMYK: 18,0,4,24
RGB: 159,194,187
HEX: #9fc2bb
CMYK: 0,33,55,4
RGB: 245,163,111
HEX: #f5a36f
CMYK: 30,16,0,59
RGB: 73,88,105
HEX: #495869
AdobeStock 248000842
AdobeStock 299319475
AdobeStock 327853553
AdobeStock 363782256
AdobeStock 415770738
AdobeStock 442636160

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