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Charlotte was embarking on her new business after a long career in the NHS. Speech therapy is Charlotte’s passion and she wanted to bring this valuable service to more people. Speak Up For Kids was set up to help parents and children to deal with speech issues and to feel empowered to improve in a fun and friendly way.

As a parent myself, I knew that I’d want to find a speech therapist who not only had excellent results, but was also fun and made the experience enjoyable. With this in mind, I researched the competition and found that most speech therapists were a little too clinical and didn’t seem very child friendly.

I used two little birds as an icon for the logo and the bird’s bodies were made from quotation mark shapes. A clever nod to speech and the birds were also almost in conversation with one another.

The colours are fun, bright but not too primary in tone as I felt this would be too simplistic. Purple is excellent for conveying creativity, as Charlotte’s techniques focus around the child and creating tasks bespoke to their personalities.

Charlotte said “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, couldn’t be happier with it!”

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HEX: #4b3a66
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HEX: #fefbed
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