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Helen and Allen run a busy holiday cottage company in South Wales. Tucked into the hillside their charming Brecon cottages are the very definition of luxury accommodation and draw guests from around the globe.

After a number of hectic years delighting holiday makers they finally took a breather after realising that their branding was non-existent. Though determined to tackle their branding the couple didn’t know where to start which is when they approached me for a shot of confidence and branding know-how.

I was thrilled to help Helen and Allen graduate to the next stage of their business growth. We began our journey with an in depth exploration of their goals and motivations, followed by deep research into local influences and history. This stage culminated in the production of a mood board, the result of pulling together different strands of research. From here I developed logo proposals for Helen and Allen to consider.

Helen and Allen were supported through every stage of the creative process and the end result was a gorgeous new brand that perfectly encapsulated Tan yr Eglwys Cottages.

By condensing their business into a brand that effectively reflected their Welsh heritage and cosy cottage ethos they are now in a position to welcome even more holiday makers for years to come.

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