Happi Body Co, Cumbria

I loved designing this logo and packaging for a unique new business in Cumbria. I worked closely with Lisa to create the visual branding for her new range of organic, handmade skincare. We started with the beauty balm and since then the Happi Body Co has gone on to win a Green Parent magazine award and is now stocked in select retailers. Lisa’s passion has now allowed her to create a range of candles each of which elicit a certain feeling when they’re burned. Lisa said: “Rebecca’s branding advice and particularly her style of working has been awesome for Happi Body Co. I truly attribute the partnership approach to the growing success of Happi Body Co. We’ve  gained stockists, influencer attention and industry recognition and the design and branding advice from Rebecca has been pivotal. She always asks the right questions and in a way that gets you thinking strategically. She also comes up with answers too, unlike some agencies which simply pose a lot of questions for you to work out independently. Her designs elevate the brand and give it a real sense of credibility. Happi Body Co operates in a saturated natural beauty market but with the help of Rebecca we stand out from the crowd.” 

Take a look at the range of beautiful products from the Happi Body Co at happibodyco.com


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