Jack’s Journey

I love when a project comes along that can make such a ripple effect of good in peoples’ lives. Jack’s Journey approached me to help with their branding, print design and website design for the new charity helping families whose children have cancer.

I developed the brand to be bright and hopeful; the charity gives grants to families so needed to be approachable. The website and print items that followed expressed this ethos even further and resulted in a successful launch for this new and very important charity.

We approached Rebecca based on her portfolio of past works, but it isn’t the quality of the work that keeps us coming back. Don’t get me wrong, the visual output is outstanding, but the reason we return to Rebecca time after time is just how easy and accommodating she is to work with. Nothing is a trouble, everything seems to move very swiftly, and Rebecca seems to go out of her way to get things done!The Jack’s Journey brand seemed to appear out of nowhere in a finished state, and we’re happy that when it does need to go, we know who will be their to support us. Andrew from Jack’s Journey

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