Self Care Tips for Business Owners

If you run your own business, you’ll know the feeling of overwhelm. Self care is so important; you can’t pour from an empty cup, as they say.

Now I’m as rubbish as anyone for making time to look after myself. I am self employed, have a child and run a household so it’s often difficult to fit in anything that is solely for me; sometimes it’s just a treat to wash the dishes with an audiobook while the hubby looks after my daughter! But proper self care is really important and can come in the form of anything that relaxes you and gives you some breathing space. My list, in no particular order, is as follows:


Without a doubt, the most valuable self-care technique I have learned is meditation. I started doing it about 6 years ago at Carlisle Buddhist Centre I met a fantastic teacher called Wangchuk who taught us basic meditations. We all have the ability to be calm; the mind is like a muddy puddle and when we are still, the mud settles leaving clear water above it. General life is so busy and learning to sit quiet and focus on the breath is a skill which has served me well.You don’t have to go to a special class to learn. I’ve found some great resources online which are free, and I have tried most of them so can recommend them! There’s even apps on your phone which you can use for free.On YouTube, my favourite channels for meditation and hypnosis recordings are: The Honest Guys,  Michael Sealey and Jonathan Stephenson.
Apps: The Calm app, Headspace and Andrew Johnson’s hypnosis apps (just search in your app store)Alternatively, you can find classes in wellness centres or Buddhist centres which can be more helpful if you don’t know where to start!


This is basically learning to live in and appreciate the present! I am not very good at it but when I find myself feeling a bit frazzled I notice things around me like sounds and smells. It can help at times. A good book on this is ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’ by Ruby Wax and ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ by Mark Williams.


Another fantastic way to unwind is getting some endorphins pumping! I know that not everyone can exercise but even just walking each day can help. Yoga is also amazing because it’s relaxing AND you’re using your body to stretch and align. It doesn’t mean owning an expensive gym membership either – I love FitnessBlender and HASfit on YouTube for home workouts. But if you really fancy a class then Bridge in Wigton is amazing.

Fresh air

Getting outside really helps my mood. I work inside so it’s good for the mind and for inspiration to go for a walk. Even in the rain!

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep

But not too much! More tips from me here…

Complementary therapies

These have always been beneficial to me, especially flower remedies (try Bach Rescue Remedy for a start), aromatherapy (lavender and bergamot are amazing) and treatments such as massage, Reiki and acupressure are fantastic.

Less digital device contact…

I know, I know! This is probably my biggest source of stress. I work on a Mac all day, have a phone and I watch TV. It’s a bit toxic at times so I try to be mindful of it and avert my mind elsewhere. My friend got me a cool book called ‘101 Things to do Instead of Playing with your Phone’. Easier said than done though, right?

This list is by no means exhaustive. There’s always new things I’ve found or things I forgot which can help to alleviate some symptoms of anxiety/depression or just general knackered-ness!

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to add.

Love, Rebecca x

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