Brand Audit

You might have seen that I compare brand identity design to a spa break for your business.

If that’s the case, you might think of a brand audit as a skincare consultation? I’ll take an in-depth look at your business and give you recommendations on how to transform, reinvigorate and revitalise your brand. You’ll leave knowing exactly what kind of moisturiser to buy (or something like that).

A brand audit is a great option if:

  • you need help with your brand but don’t want me to handle the design
  • you aren’t quite sure yet if you want me to take on the design for your brand
  • you’re not really happy with your current logo, colour palette or visuals, but aren’t sure where to start


What’s involved?

A chat!

OK, it’s a bit more than just a chat… The first thing I do with my design clients is talk to them about where their brand is now and where they want to be. And a brand audit is basically just this first step.


First off, we’ll have a chat on the phone, Skype or Zoom so I can learn all about your business.


Next, I’ll research your industry and your competitors, to help us uncover what makes you different.


Finally, I’ll prepare a brand audit report that looks at your current branding and makes careful recommendations of how I think your brand should be positioned (or repositioned) going forward.

Small Branch

That's what she said

I was highly impressed by Rebecca’s service. From start to finish, communication was exceptional and very well executed and she was very approachable. She listened and understand what I wanted to get across in my brand and her recommendations have allowed me to make the necessary changes to my logo, brand and website myself.

Claire McKeever, Holliday Cottage Owner