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Now, I’m not saying I’m Delia Smith, but I do like to think of my job as a little bit like baking!

Hear me out; branding has lots of elements (ingredients) that when chosen, mixed and baked correctly can result in something completely DELICIOUS!

So, what are these ingredients? Well, it depends on your type of business, but most commonly they involve:

A name, a logo, colours, visual style and tone of voice…

Let me go into a bit of detail about what each ingredient means and why they’re all important in the branding mix.


Whether it’s self explanatory what your business is or if you choose something a bit more abstract, naming your business is the first step on your branding journey. Think of Apple; it doesn’t really say what the business does, whereas my name, Rebecca Watson Design & Marketing is pretty obvious! I chose to use my own name because it’s me people deal with on a day to day basis. Questions need to be asked such as what you think the name would mean to someone, does it say what you want it to? Also, you need to check it’s not in use by someone else.

Another thing to consider is how memorable it is and also, if it means something naughty in another language; ya know, in case you want to go global! Maybe it’s not even a real word, but a mash of words – the company Pixar is a mashup of the word pixel and the initials of the co-founder’s name – Alvin Ray Smith.


My motto is ‘your brand is more than your logo’ and while this is absolutely right, it’s a pretty important part of the cake mix. Your logo is a visual symbol of your name using text and perhaps an icon of some sort. When a designer creates your logo, we think about what your values are, what you’d like people to think when you see your logo and where it will be used and how.

The main job of a logo is to help people identify your company. It creates that good first impression that we’re all searching for. It also helps to communicate your values to your prospective clients; but remember, this isn’t the ONLY way of doing this. Your brand is reflected in everything you do!



Colour is a massively significant part of branding! According to Loyola University Maryland, the brain recognises colours much faster than text or images… MIND BLOWN! So, colour is crucial to get right. Like all of the branding decisions you make, it all comes back to your values and what you want your brand to say to your customers.

Colour psycology is interesting – red can mean passion and is also supposed to cause people to feel hungry! Look at McDonald’s logo and see what I mean.

But there’s a whole spectrum of colours to choose from. How are you supposed to pick? Well, my advice would be to let a designer help you make the decision – we’re the colour experts!


This incorporates the colour aspect but it also means considerations such as illustrations, patterns and what style of photography to utilise. As a brand expert, I provide brand guidelines and include a lot of visual style ideas so that your branding is always consistent – and as we know, consistency is key! It builds recognition AND loyalty to your brand.


I help businesses to establish their tone of voice; this is the way in which you communicate with your customers. It can be in various forms such as how you talk to your customers in person, online and over the phone. It’s worth thinking about your tone of voice and whether it reflects your brand values; make sure everyone in the company knows what this is so that they can speak to your customers in the same way… consistency, yeah?

Once the branding process is complete then it’s time for the TASTE TEST! The branding is rolled out and tweaks are made to the recipe, if required!

It’s my job as a designer to break this process down into bitesize chunks, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, get in touch and maybe we can cook up a storm together!