“Brand what..? Guidelines..?”

Yep, you read that right – the term ‘brand guidelines’ might not be one which you’ve heard of but it’s a real life thing in the design world.

Put simply, brand guidelines are a bit like a book all about your brand – they range from a single page style sheet to a multipage document. They contain everything from:

Your logo

How the logo is to be treated (i.e. like a Queen)

How not to use the logo (i.e. no distorting it, you maniac!)

Brand colours

Imagery like photos and illustrations/icons/patterns plus typefaces and fonts and how they’re to be used

It’s usually in the form of a PDF and a printed document that businesses can keep centrally and give out to employees, freelancers and creatives who will be using your brand. It can also include brand elements such as a mission statement and your brand voice (how you talk to people.)

So Why Are They Important?

When you first embark on your branding journey with a designer, it can be pretty daunting. However, fear not, the process is so worthwhile that you’ll be singing your designer’s praises (hopefully!) and the brand guidelines are a set of rules that will keep your brand consistent in the future.

Consistency is so important in business and most importantly, in branding. Being able to pick your brand up from the masses of companies on social media will give you recognition and build trust with your ideal customers.

Below is a set of brand guidelines for one of my clients. This is part of the Be Amazing package, where you can have every element of your brand precisely planned and executed for a really professional business launch.