Using my Be Amazing brand package I wanted to break down the steps I take to create a beautiful brand.


STEP 1: Nice to meet you

Either in person or online, we arrange a meeting to discuss every aspect of your business. I will send you an initial questionnaire which will get you thinking about everything from who your target market is, where they are online, what their values are to what you want from your brand. Once we’ve met, I will summarise all of the points into a design brief with you so that I can then go away and begin work on some initial logo ideas.

Step 2: Research

Each brand is unique and it’s my job to ensure yours is too! It’s critical that your brand stands out from your competition, so I research everything from competitors, to colours which reflect your brand perfectly. This is a massively important stage as it sets the foundations of your new beautiful brand.

Step 3: The initial ideas

Next, I will design 3 logo ideas from your design brief. Each will be carefully executed and I’ll explain the thinking behind each one, just to give you an insight into why I’ve chosen each element. I’m a firm believer of symbolism in design; I don’t design for design’s sake, nor do I go with what’s fashionable – unless of course, there’s a good reason for it!

Step 4: Feedback

At this stage we can arrange a call to discuss the options I sent over – it’s a good idea to compile some feedback ready for this meeting and to perhaps discuss the ideas presented with someone from your target market. Normally, one or two ideas are chosen to develop and tweaks made so that we can reach a final design. This sometimes takes a bit of to-ing and fro-ing but it’s important I get this completely right for you. I am a perfectionist!

Step 5: Brand guidelines

Once the logo is finalised, I move on to looking at the guidelines that will let you, your employees and anyone who works with your brand just how to use the elements we’ve created. This includes the logo and how it is used, from the colours to accompany your marketing, the fonts I’d recommend; even the photo style you might consider commissioning.

Step 6: Accompanying graphics

Those who’ve signed up to my Be Amazing package get some added extras, which actually saves you money in the long run. I can include stationery design such as business cards, a leaflet, social media graphics and even an example of a website design. We can make the choice when you’re ready – I like to tailor this section to each individual clients’ needs.

Step 7: Delivery

You’ll then be sent all of your logo files, your brand guidelines and accompanying graphics ready for you to start using.


So, are you ready to start your branding journey with me? Click the button below to email me and arrange a free 30 minute consultation.

Quite simply, Rebecca is amazing! She’s recently designed a brochure for me & throughout the process she has listened to me & put up with me being extremely particular/demanding too! Even at the eleventh hour, when the brochure was about to be submitted for printing, she was able to quickly correct a grammatical error that I’d made in the text.

Rebecca has been a joy to work with & I look forward to discussing many more projects in the future.

Jaye Adams

Owner, Jama Make Up Artist